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Moke brings Electric Moke Californian to the U.S.

Moke International has announced the highway-legal Electric Moke Californian. This is the first time a genuine version of the original Mini Moke has gone on sale in the U.S. in more than four decades, and the first time a highway-legal version of the original Mini Moke has been available in America, with a top speed

Moke to sell its shareholdings to EV Technology Group

Moke International has agreed to sell up to 100% of its shareholdings to EV Technology Group (EVTG). EVTG says it specializes in electrifying iconic automotive brands and the strategic move comes as Moke International launches the new British-built Electric Moke. Moke International says it will benefit from EVTG’s product development, engineering and manufacturing capabilities.  In

Moke to be released only as EVs from 2022 on

The use of aluminium panels has reduced the weight of the vehicle, while the instant torque from the electric motor enhances acceleration.

MOKE-Electric-Plugged-In 1400