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EU’s new ‘Battery Passport’ could help battery recyclers

EU’s new battery market regulations aim to revamp EV battery sustainability, design and recovery.

How battery chemistry will affect construction EV sales

A recent IDTechEx report shows electric construction vehicles’ success hinges on battery prices and total cost of ownership.

Will solid-state batteries help eliminate EV fires?

While EV battery fires are rare, they can be very severe when they occur.

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EV battery design impacts choice of fire protection materials

IDTechEx has released a new report that analyses trends in battery design, safety regulations, and their impact on fire protection materials to create a market forecast of the next 10 years. The materials covered include ceramic blankets/sheets, mica, aerogels, coatings, encapsulants, encapsulating foams, compression pads, phase change materials, and several other materials. Variety in battery

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Five technology trends that will define the future of EVs

IDTechEx reports five future technology trends that the group expects will be of high relevance in the EV market’s future. Advanced Li-ion battery cells & packs Advanced Li-ion refers to silicon and Li-metal anodes, solid-electrolytes, high-Ni cathodes and various cell design factors. Given the importance of the electric vehicle market, specifically battery electric cars, in

Zero-emission truck market is primed for growth

The limited sales penetration of zero-emission trucks in Western markets reflects a lack of available zero-emission trucks rather than a lack of demand, according to IDTechEx’s new report, “Electric and Fuel Cell Trucks 2023-2043.” Major corporations are clamoring for low-emission trucks (and greater support from governments) to help them meet their corporate pledges to reduce

Is faster EV charging worth the price?

Charging speeds for electric vehicles vary, from as little as 15 minutes using an ultra-rapid 350 kW charger, to as much as 24 hours when relying on a domestic wall outlet. OEMs are working on extending the charging rate up to 3 C (or even beyond), such as by using optimized cell cooling to allow

Why OEMs are investing in lithium-ion battery recycling

The profitability of recycling is dependent on EV battery trends and whether OEMs will play a role in facilitating circularity in the supply chain.

Major EV trends that grew in 2021

There were two big EV trends last year that deserve to be put under the microscope.

Major EV mobility trends of 2021 and what to expect in 2022

IDTechEx walks through some of the most high-profile EV stories this year and how they are influencing the future of electromobility.

EV material and component opportunities outside battery cells

Now is the time to prioritize material developments and strategies to take advantage of this rapidly growing market.

Rare earths: An EV sourcing problem

China accounts for the vast majority of rare-earth materials production, a necessary component in some EV motors.

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