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The best way to combat brake corrosion

Finally, the sun is shining and there’s no better feeling than revving up the engine, rolling down the windows and hitting the open road. But after months of plowing through highly corrosive deicing chemicals that are laid down on roadways across the country, there could be a vehicle service concern when it comes to the

How brake pad selection impacts your sustainability efforts

Consumers and commercial interests alike are turning toward greater sustainability, especially in transportation, which impacts climate change. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 27% of Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the U.S. come from transportation making it the country’s largest contributor of GHG emissions. Between 1990 and 2020, GHG emissions in the transportation sector

Three scary threats to your vehicle’s brake pads

This is the time of year when the shadows stretch a little longer, the wind blows colder and an unsettling feeling puts your nerves on end when you apply the brake pedal. The squeal or skittish stop are portents of service issues that could mean increased operational costs, for there are dangers lurking in the

NRS highlights brake pad features

NRS Brakes highlights three replacement brake pad features to look for when servicing vehicle braking systems, ensuring safe operation and long component life. Corrosion Resistance NRS Galvanized Brake Pads use zinc-plating technology instead of the painted parts utilized by some traditional pads. Paint can chip and flake, inviting rust-causing corrosion to degrade the brake pad.

Stock up on brake system seasonal maintenance tips

None of us want to think about it, but winter is coming, and the chemical slurries that coat the road cling to your vehicle’s undercarriage and gnaw away at any intrusions. This causes rust and premature failure of components like brake pads. “But I just replaced those pads!” you yell, cursing Jack Frost. The question

NRS brake pad features to face winter weather challenges

Proper braking system operation is always important, especially when snow and ice can present poor driving conditions. Brake pad corrosion is both a safety issue and a cost liability. Ahead of winter weather, NRS noted several key replacement brake pad features that are important to ensure optimal braking performance. Corrosion resistance The use of galvanized

Two ways that EVs will change vehicle maintenance, and one major way it won’t

There’s no doubt that the increased market penetration of new EV sales will impact the service process once EVs begin to age. While there’s much to be said about the potential of reduced cost of ownership related to EVs, they will still need serviced regularly. To make sure your shop is prepared, here are two

NRS discusses service changes demanded by electric vehicles

NRS Brakes recently discussed how increased EV usage could impact vehicle servicing. Most notably, technician training and proper equipment were two of the biggest considerations. “Technicians will need training on the proper methods for disconnecting and working around high-voltage systems, in addition to the use of proper personal protection equipment. Additionally, shop owners will need

NRS Brakes highlights environment-friendly brake pads

NRS Brakes says NRS galvanized brake pads are more environmentally friendly than the competition due to less brake dust generated. Not only that corrosion resistant, contributing to a longer life on the vehicle and fewer brake pads in landfills. NRS says brake dust accounts for 20% of all vehicle-generated pollutants. Brakes require friction to operate,

EV Regenerative Braking Doesn’t Mean You Forget About The Brake Pads

EVs are coming. As manufacturers ramp up production of EVs across nearly all car and light-truck makes and models, selecting a high-quality brake pad is extremely important. The reason is twofold. Not only are EVs quieter than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, making brake noise even more unwelcome, but EV braking system effectiveness can also

NRS highlights the importance of corrosion-resistant brake pads

NUCAP Industries highlighted the need for corrosion-resistant brake pads, especially after a long winter where corrosion-causing deicing chemicals cling to a vehicle’s underside can reduce brake pad life. The NRS galvanized brake pad features premium friction material backed by zinc-plated steel designed to outlast competitive brake pads. NUCAP says the use of galvanized steel helps

ZF Aftermarket releases full line of TRW Electric Blue brake pads

ZF Aftermarket has announced the full line availability of its TRW Electric Blue brake pads. Designed for electric and hybrid vehicles, the company says TRW Electric Blue offers copper-free replacement pads that reduce noise, vibration and dust emissions on carbon-reducing vehicles. ZF says TRW Electric Blue comes in 75 SKUs, covering most EVs and hybrids