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ASE to host webinar for technicians on EV charging and high-voltage cooling

EVs have a variety of cooling systems to maintain the proper temperature of the batteries.

ASE to hold free technician webinar on electric vehicle safety

Topics will include how to identify voltage platforms and why how to recognize different EV-related equipment and tools.

ASE Education Foundation updates standards for EV training

ASE Foundation revised its accreditation standards to address high-voltage systems in collision and truck repair programs.

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ASE introduces EV certification vouchers and safety standards

There are two tests in this series: the xEV electrical safety awareness; and the xEV technician electrical safety.

IC Bus partners with ASE to offer xEV certification

The ASE Education Foundation and IC Bus joined forces to sponsor 1,000 high school students and their instructors enrolled in ASE-accredited medium/heavy truck training programs.

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ASE announces new EV standards, EV certification program

ASE says the intent of these standards is to minimize exposure to EV hazards and their associated impacts.