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StoreDot develops self-repairing battery cell technology

The self-repairing system identifies cells that are underperforming or overheating, temporarily disabling and reconditioning them.


StoreDot, a fast-charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles company, has revealed new patented technology that the company says will allow battery cells to regenerate while they are in use through a seamless background repair mechanism. The newly developed system includes a suite of software algorithms with corresponding hardware.

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The self-repairing system identifies a cell or string of cells that are underperforming or overheating, temporarily disabling them in order to proactively recondition them back to 100% performance, without the driver experiencing any driving interruption or loss of performance in their electric vehicle. This advancement of a “self-healing” approach to electric vehicles will play a major role in prolonging battery life and driving range, as well as improving safety by preventing overheating or any danger of thermal runaway, the company says.

A recent granted global patent, “Recovering defective branches and/or cells of battery packs by deep discharges,” covers the method of how this innovation should be implemented in various EV battery pack scenarios, while the vehicle is either charging, resting or driving.

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