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Stora Enso, Northvolt to develop wood-based batteries


Stora Enso and Northvolt have entered into a joint development agreement to create a sustainable battery featuring anode produced using lignin-based hard carbon produced from Nordic forest wood. The companies say the aim is to develop the world’s first industrialized battery featuring anode sourced entirely from European raw materials, lowering both the carbon footprint and the cost.

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Stora Enso will provide its lignin-based anode material lignode, originating from sustainably managed forests, while Northvolt will drive cell design, production process development and scale-up of the technology.

Lignin is a plant-derived polymer found in the cell walls of dry-land plants. Trees are composed of 20–30% of lignin, where it acts as a natural and strong binder. It is one of the biggest renewable sources of carbon anywhere.

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