SolarEdge launches battery virtual power plant

SolarEdge launches battery virtual power plant

Home battery owners will be able to minimize their grid consumption during high-demand events and earn financial incentives.

SolarEdge Technologies announced the launch of its first “battery virtual power plant” in support of Great Britain’s National Grid ESO Demand Flexibility Service (“DFS”). The service is available to thousands of SolarEdge home battery owners across Great Britain with eligible smart meters, who are now able to earn financial incentives utilizing their stored battery energy during DFS peak demand events, which will be used to stabilize the grid.

As part of the DFS, energy suppliers have asked participating customers to reduce their electricity consumption during pre-scheduled demand events. SolarEdge says its home battery owners will be able to seamlessly minimize their grid consumption during each event and earn financial incentives by leveraging their stored battery energy. In addition, battery owners with an eligible export meter can achieve even higher financial incentives by exporting their excess battery energy back into the grid, the company says.

SolarEdge’s technology will automatically optimize the battery charge and discharge during each demand event, maximizing homeowners’ benefits while helping to stabilize the grid, the company says.

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