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Sensata provides new megawatt charging solution for heavy-duty electric vehicles

Combining Sensata’s contactor, fuse and controller technologies, the new high-voltage junction boxes are custom-designed.


Sensata Technologies has announced its new high-voltage junction box solutions for high-power charging of commercial electric vehicles. The solutions include DC charging boxes that support megawatt charging of medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks up to 850 volts and 1300 amps.

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Combining Sensata’s contactor, fuse and controller technologies into a compact package, the new high-voltage junction boxes are custom-designed for specific vehicle requirements.

Driven by the need for fast charging, electric vehicle manufacturers require systems that can handle higher charging power levels. To meet current carry and temperature requirements, Sensata’s cooling and temperature control technology directly interfaces with the busbars and provides exceptional cooling efficiency within tight space restraints. For additional safety, Sensata’s isolation monitoring design ensures isolation of the high voltage from the chassis.

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