SEMA Electrified photo gallery

SEMA Electrified photo gallery

This year SEMA featured an "electrified" section of the show – a small area in the North Hall dedicated to all things EV.

It’s not likely most attendees visiting the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas were there for the EVs. You can’t blame them for wanting to bask in the glory of the loud engines, shiny rims, performance tires, and incredible paint jobs (I know I was), but it was also fun to view SEMA’s “electrified” section of the show, a small area in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall dedicated to all things electric. Keep scrolling to see some of the electrified sights in case you couldn’t make it to this year’s show.

ReVolt-Systems-Little-Giant-SEMA 1400
This is known as Team Vesco’s “Little Giant,” originally designed in 1957. The vehicle was built in 1958 and ran on internal combustion engines until 2020. The Revolt Systems team designed, fabricated and installed an electric drive system for the vehicle in less than four months starting in May 2021. The electric drive system is comprised of dual Tesla motors from a Model S, with a max power output of 1.1 megawatts, equivalent to about 1500 HP. The previous national land speed record was held by the “Buckeye Bullet” at 314.958 MPH, but the Little Giant beat that record with a speed of 353.870 MPH.
Electra-Mechanica-SEMA-1 1400
Electra Meccanica had two three-wheeled, single-seat, highway-legal EVs on display.
Electra-Mechanica-SEMA-2 1400
Electra-Mechanica-SEMA-3 1400
Hypercraft-Geiser-Brothers 1400
Hypercraft teamed up with Geiser Brothers to create what the companies call “the world’s first unlimited class winning-capable electric desert race truck.” The vehicle, which features a dual-motor torque-vectoring front-drive system, has 1600 HP, a 250-mile range and has a swappable battery system. It sits on a Geiser G6 chassis.
Conversion-SEMA-1 1400
SEMA Electrified featured a number of conversions.
Conversion-SEMA-2 1400
The battery system is found in the back.
Electric-Bronco-SEMA-1 1400
An electrified Bronco.
Toyota-Electric-GT-SEMA-1 1400
Electric GT focuses on electrifying pre-2000s vehicles
Toyota-Electric-GT-SEMA-2 1400

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