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What’s the long-term scalability of electric truck fleets?


Even though there are few trucking fleets out there today that have adopted electric trucks, one thing is clear: Fleet managers are interested in going electric.

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The big-name truck OEMs will tell you the same thing.

“Customers are absolutely telling the OEMs that we need to be moving this way over the next several years,” said Hank Johnson, general sales manager, vocational and medium-duty, Kenworth, in a recent interview with Fleet Equipment. “Customers are telling us that they’re getting calls from employees, prospective hires, and from potential customers asking, ‘Are you moving toward [a] zero-emissions fleet?’”

But, fleets who are serious about spec’ing electric trucks down the road need to put in infrastructure with one eye looking at tomorrow.

Read the article below from our sister brand Fleet Equipment for more:

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