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Amped Featured Image EP3 – Commercial Trucking

Amped EV Podcast

Buzzy and the Bandit: When trucking goes electric

Commercial trucks are going electric. It has already happened in all kinds of applications, from garbage trucks to Class 8 heavy-duty trucks, and all the major OEMs have electric truck options on the table. It’s an enormous opportunity for the EV world to have a chance to go mainstream with this key part of the automotive industry.

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So, what happens when you replace the diesel engine in commercial trucks with an enormous battery? What are the trade-offs? Where have fleets found success, and where do the kinks still need to be worked out?

To help me find the answers, I talk with Alex Crissey, managing editor of Fleet Equipment, who has been studying trucking electrification closely for years. We discuss how the trucking industry is testing electric trucks, successful use cases, the work that needs to be done to make electric trucking more viable, the best trucking movie ever made and much more.


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Amped EV Podcast

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