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Orange EV to deploy 25+ electric trucks with Lazer Spot

Orange EV expects the next round of trucks to be delivered to Lazer Spot starting in Q4 2021.


Orange EV has entered into a multi-year agreement with Georgia-based Lazer Spot, Inc., a yard management firm in the U.S., to manufacture and deliver more than 25 EV trucks in 2021 and 2022. Orange EV expects the next round of trucks to be delivered to Lazer Spot starting in Q4 2021. Orange EV says electric yard trucks are the perfect application of EVs because they:

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  • Travel short distances – Electric terminal trucks do not have to travel long distances before they reach a charging station. Both are located within the yard.
  • Reduce costs – The trucks deliver lower total cost of ownership due to reduced costs for fuel, maintenance and repair, plus soft dollar savings from liability/work comp, safety, health care, etc.
  • Are more reliable than diesel – EVs offer increased uptime and no more headaches from dealing with unreliable and costly diesel emissions control systems.
  • Produce zero emissions – EVs are better for health and the environment. Driver retention and satisfaction are increased, and absenteeism is reduced.

Based on Orange EV’s data and customer case studies from its first six years of deployment, its customers are benefitting from more than a 75% reduction in downtime versus diesel yard trucks, and as much as an 80% reduction in maintenance and repair costs.

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