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What’s the next level of EV operations?


The race to grow EV usage in commercial applications is on. And, while the bulk of the fleet world is working on wrapping their arms around initial infrastructure needs and route planning to meet application demands, Penske is already looking down the road to the next set of mile markers on the road to wider EV usage.

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Penske, for example, already has seven charging locations across southern California, which are networked together, and that network is positioned for growth. This is an industry evolving its practices toward greater sustainability, and with that comes the quest for the expansion of electric trucks in the marketplace.

Here’s Jason Morgan, editor of our sister brand Fleet Equipment, with more on that:

“Clearly electrification in the commercial transportation space is a heavy lift, and one that some may say we’ve attempted before. (We’re looking at you, natural gas.) But there’s an energy around electrification (puns always intended). The difference this time around is it’s shaping up to be more of an industry sea change because we’re staring down the barrel of confirmed climate change consequences.”


Want more on Penske’s sustainability advancements? Click the story below.

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