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Merchants Fleet launches fleet electrification adoption tool

To ensure Merchants Fleet clients can take advantage of the benefits electric vehicles have to offer, the company has released its AdoptEV program.


Merchants Fleet has launched its AdoptEV service, an electric vehicle adoption tool designed to educate and transition clients through the EV and EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) purchasing process. As the introduction of EVs signifies major changes on the horizon for the commercial fleet industry, fleet executives and managers struggle to prioritize the implementation of these vehicles. To ensure Merchants Fleet clients can take advantage of the benefits electric vehicles have to offer, the AdoptEV program includes:

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  • Fleet data review – Review of the organization’s fleet needs, from fuel, telematics, vehicle weight class, daily trips, upfitting, vehicle age, mileage data and more.
  • Vehicle recommendations – Suitable EVs are recommended to replace internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles based on vehicle type, upfit, class and range requirements of current ICE vehicles and their function.
  • Charging and energy – Vehicle chargers by type and quantity are recommended by location to satisfy charging needs.
  • Sustainability and economic savings – Compare the total cost of ownership of ICE vehicles to recommended EVs
  • EV adoption – A multi-year, custom EV adoption plan best suited to meet the goals and needs of the organization, down to the individual location.

As an expansion of the company’s ecosystem of solutions, Merchants Fleet has also joined the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance (CEVA), an initiative led by the sustainability non-profit Ceres. CEVA says it is designed to drive change in the transportation sector by promoting the expansion and acceleration of electric vehicle production, as well as the adoption of supportive policies and industry best practices. As part of the membership, Merchants will collaborate with key stakeholders in CEVA to enable the transition of fleet clients into zero-emission electric vehicles, to ensure they meet their organization’s sustainability goals.

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