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MAE delivers first of three BEV test stands


Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE), a manufacturer of testing equipment, dynamometers and related products, has announced that the company delivered the first of three functional test stands for a “major original equipment manufacturer of battery electric vehicles (BEV).”

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The company says the BEV manufacturer contacted MAE to design and build three different pieces of testing equipment: an end-of-line chassis dynamometer capable of testing electric vehicles, an electric motor test stand for pre-production development activities, and an end-of-line electric motor test stand to be integrated into the automated production line.

MAE says it has completed a multitude of made-to-order test systems for various BEV manufacturers, from sophisticated chassis dynamometers to test stands for drivetrains and components (electric motor, power supply, and inverter) to electric axle testing systems. The system MAE delivered is a MAE-AC-4000 series chassis dynamometer equipped with MAE’s PowerDyne software package tailored to meet the customer’s unique needs. The MAE-AC-4000 utilizes four independent AC motors, one coupled to each set of rollers, to control the load to each wheel independently. A moveable wheelbase system allows the system to accommodate both 2WD and AWD vehicles with wheelbases ranging from 90-140-in. An automatic vehicle restraint and safety system greatly reduces the test cycle time and ensures that vehicles remain safely in position on the tester, MAE says.


The MAE-AC-4000 series chassis dynamometer offers a flexible solution for test control, data acquisition and operator interface, the company says, stepping test operators through each step of an automated EOL test sequence in a simple and user-friendly format, while collecting, analyzing and reporting on vehicle systems status and performance data. MAE’s AC-4000 test stand communicates with the vehicle via CAN communication to determine pass/fail results and to establish certain vehicle systems statuses as required during the test procedure. The flexibility of MAE’s system allows easy configuration changes to meet unlimited test procedures and simulation requirements.

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