Independent aftermarket boosted by out-of-warranty Teslas

Independent aftermarket boosted by out-of-warranty Teslas

Tesla‘s shift toward a vertically integrated sales and service model creates the need for traditional partnerships with third-party franchised dealers for vehicle repairs, finds Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis growth opportunities in Tesla’s global aftersales strategy. Frost & Sullivan say this leads the company to ramp up its mobile service fleet and collaborate with independent aftermarket repair service providers globally to sustain customer satisfaction.

Additionally, as the number of out-of-warranty Tesla vehicles increases worldwide, the service and aftersales segments will emerge as a positive gross margin contributor for Tesla.

To tap into the growth opportunities of battery-electric vehicles’ expanding after-sales and service market:

  • Independent repairers with financial resources should collaborate with Tesla and other BEV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to offer aftersales service support.
  • OEMs should offer additional services through OTA updates to customers willing to subscribe to these features for a fee or in-app purchase.
  • Independent aftermarket repairers should move fast to form partnerships with manufacturers and offer mobile services to customers and fleets.

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