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Independent aftermarket boosted by out-of-warranty Teslas


Tesla‘s shift toward a vertically integrated sales and service model creates the need for traditional partnerships with third-party franchised dealers for vehicle repairs, finds Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis growth opportunities in Tesla’s global aftersales strategy. Frost & Sullivan say this leads the company to ramp up its mobile service fleet and collaborate with independent aftermarket repair service providers globally to sustain customer satisfaction.

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Additionally, as the number of out-of-warranty Tesla vehicles increases worldwide, the service and aftersales segments will emerge as a positive gross margin contributor for Tesla.

To tap into the growth opportunities of battery-electric vehicles’ expanding after-sales and service market:

  • Independent repairers with financial resources should collaborate with Tesla and other BEV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to offer aftersales service support.
  • OEMs should offer additional services through OTA updates to customers willing to subscribe to these features for a fee or in-app purchase.
  • Independent aftermarket repairers should move fast to form partnerships with manufacturers and offer mobile services to customers and fleets.

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