Jumping this hurdle will boost EV adoption rates

Jumping this hurdle will boost EV adoption rates

Misconceptions surrounding the challenge of charging is one of the biggest opportunities available to the EV industry.

Here’s the thing: Consumers coming into the EV market blind might have absolutely no idea how easy or difficult it is to install an in-home charger.

If a consumer is interested in EVs but is intimidated by the cost or effort it might take to install a charging station, that’s a barrier of entry that needs to be overcome. In fact, according to Bosch Automotive Service Solutions product manager of EV charging, Jeff Hudnut, in a recent interview with The Buzz, misconceptions surrounding the expense and challenge of charging should be considered one of the biggest opportunities available to the EV industry.

The industry needs to focus on educating the public around how simple it is to charge an electric vehicle, Jeff says. One of the best ways to do that isn’t necessarily to design some big “The More You Know” campaign.

Instead, the key is designing easy to install, simple to operate chargers – preferably ones that also require little maintenance or updates. If consumers can eliminate this challenge from the EV consideration equation, it’s a win-win for everyone in the industry.

This could be an opportunity for the aftermarket. Easy-to-use EV charging stations that are suitable to be installed across a variety of environments and shop settings is already a huge need, and this need will just continue to grow moving forward.

As the EV population grows, Jeff suggests that attracting new customers for standard service will be a great opportunity for workshops through the installation of these charging stations. By adding simple equipment such as EV charging stations, shops can encourage new customers to visit and take advantage of their service. Shops can potentially install one or more EV charging stations and then upload that information to community maps, allowing these chargers to act as a customer acquisition tool for drivers who might be searching for EV charging stations nearby.

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