Hexagon Agility, Brudeli to deliver NZEVs for U.S. freight transport

Hexagon Agility, Brudeli to deliver NZEVs for U.S. freight transport

The companies plan to introduce the first pilot trucks with this technology in 2026, with serial production slated for 2028.

Hexagon Agility and Brudeli Green Mobility (Brudeli), a Norwegian electric transmission technology company, will collaborate on a new integration. The companies said it will integrate Hexagon Agility’s CNG/RNG systems with Brudeli’s plug-in PowerHybrid technology.

Brudeli said PowerHybrid allows long-haul trucks to operate up to 80% electric energy, utilizing a dual electric motor system. This setup enables the powertrain to switch between serial and parallel hybrid modes, allowing the truck to operate efficiently as vehicle speed, load, driving patterns, and battery charge level vary, maximizing fuel economy and performance. The company said this system provides flexibility for fleets to operate with clean energy options that are readily available. The truck can be refueled with renewable natural gas (RNG) onsite or at one of the more than 800 public natural gas fueling stations across the U.S. when on longer trips. To enable fleets to operate in zero-emission-only mode in sensitive areas, the company said the plug-in battery system can be charged overnight with a Level 2 charger, which is typically less expensive to install than DC fast chargers and can cost less per kWh consumed. The batteries will also charge via regenerative braking energy.

“There is growing awareness of the need to cut emissions from medium- and heavy-duty trucks, which make up more than 20% of overall CO2 emissions in the U.S. transport sector,” Lasse Bjørkhaug, CEO at Brudeli said. “Our partnership with Hexagon enables fleets in hard-to-electrify market segments to achieve zero-emission operation in sensitive areas, while eliminating range anxiety for longer trips with RNG. Additionally, fleet operators will benefit from trucks that offer superior electric-like performance without the same payload restrictions.”

Brudeli said its plug-in PowerHybrid technology, offering 75 miles of all-electric range, is targeted to be the very first NZEV-compliant (Near Zero Emission Vehicle) technology commercially available in the U.S. market. Once NZEV certified, the Class 7 and 8 trucks with Brudeli’s technology would comply with the Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) rule, which has been adopted by California and ten additional states with more on the way. Fleet operators would be compliant with California’s Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) rule for the operating life of any vehicle equipped with this solution that is purchased before 2036.

This technology pairing also enables fleets to make meaningful progress toward ESG goals when fueled with RNG, which is widely available across the nation, according to Brudeli. In 2023, approximately 79% of all natural gas consumed for transportation in the U.S. came from renewable sources, not fossil fuels. In California, where RNG accounts for 97% of on-road fuel for natural gas vehicles, the energy-weighted carbon intensity value was around negative 108 gCO2e/MJ in 2023.

The Brudeli PowerHybrid can meet the 75-mile requirements, using a small battery and moderate charging infrastructure, the company said.

Compared to diesel, RNG is up to $2.00 less per diesel gallon equivalent (DGE), coupled with reduced electricity costs per mile. Utilizing RNG also may enable fleet owners in California to benefit from Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits, making the adoption of this solution financially compelling.

“The Brudeli PowerHybrid enables fleet owners to retain the power, performance, and fuel cost-savings offered by natural gas engines, while simultaneously harnessing the efficiencies of electric,” Eric Bippus, EVP of sales and systems development for Hexagon Agility, said. “We believe hybrid could play a role in commercial trucking in the future, and we are excited to take an active role in bringing that to the market.”

The companies plan to introduce the first pilot trucks with this technology in 2026, with serial production slated for 2028.

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