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Heliox debuts V2X charger, invests in Fermata Energy

V2X software turns EVs into energy-storage assets, increasing energy resilience and lowering the cost of EV ownership.


Heliox has entered into the vehicle-to-everything (V2X), smart energy management space through a partnership with Fermata Energy, a V2X services provider. Additionally, Heliox developed a 20kW bidirectional V2X charger, exclusively available later this year in the U.S. market, through its partnership with Fermata Energy.

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Fermata Energy says its proprietary V2X software technology turns EVs into energy-storage assets, combating climate change, increasing energy resilience, and lowering the cost of EV ownership.

The companies say the collaboration between Heliox and Fermata Energy will accelerate how EV operators can use parked electric vehicles to provide energy management services during peak times and lower energy costs at home or in the workplace. The partnership will leverage the power of Fermata Energy’s V2X technology and Heliox’s bidirectional chargers.

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