Hankook Fits Kia Sorento PHEV with Dynapro AT2 tires at Rebelle Rally

Hankook Fits Kia Sorento PHEV with Dynapro AT2 tires at Rebelle Rally

In this race, no electronics are allowed for navigation and vehicles need to cope with demanding challenges driving off the pavement.

Hankook Tire is fitting Kia’s Sorento PHEV that is taking part in this year’s Rebelle Rally, a women’s off-road navigation competition raid in the U.S. Hankook Tire equips the Kia rally vehicles with its Dynapro AT2 all-terrain tires.

Founded in 2015, Rebelle Rally covers more than 1,500 meters of terrain across the Nevada and California desert. However, it is not a race for speed. No electronics are allowed for navigation, and participating vehicles need to cope with demanding challenges driving off the pavement. A total of 52 teams will race in a mix of crossovers, SUVs and pickups for 10 days, and they started on Oct. 7.

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Hankook Tire is supporting Kia’s two Sorento PHEVs running in the rally and a Sorento EX being used as a media vehicle with its Dynapro AT2 tires. Hankook says the Dynapro AT2 is an all-terrain tire featuring a multi-directional tread design for stronger traction in wet, winter and off-road conditions, while further decreasing road noise and increasing ride comfort. It boasts a longer tread life thanks to a wider, more advanced footprint resulting in more evenly distributed stress and uniform wear.

Alyssa Roenigk from ESPN takes part as a driver and Sabrina Howells will take the passenger seat with navigation responsibilities. The second team will have professional driver Verena Mei at the helm with experienced navigator Tana White by her side. With Hankook Tire as the tire sponsor to Kia, the Sorento rally vehicles will sport the Hankook Tire logo on the rear passenger windows and front bumpers. It’s the first time for Hankook Tire to supply race tires for the Rebelle Rally.

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