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Gravity EV Taxis start pick-ups in NYC

Gravity intends to deploy a fleet of at least 50 cabs comprised of the Mach E and the Tesla Model Y.


Gravity recently launched the first in a fleet of all-electric NYC yellow taxis. Gravity’s Ford Mustang Mach E – the first to ever serve as a NYC taxi – offers a customized passenger experience, panoramic roofs for sightseeing and safety tech, the company says.

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Gravity intends to deploy a fleet of at least 50 cabs made up of Ford‘s Mach E and the Tesla Model Y. Painted Rally Yellow, Gravity’s cabs come equipped with dynamic passenger controls; a 22-in. display for selfies, music and video; driver-facing AI tech that identifies and prevents distracted driving; and zero emissions on the streets of New York City. All vehicles have panoramic roofs to take in the surrounding city. The vehicles are authorized for use as taxis under an EV pilot program adopted by NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission.


New Yorkers and visitors can hail one of Gravity’s EV yellow cabs on the street or through standard yellow taxi e-hail apps. The cars will be charged during overnight hours at Gravity’s own Midtown Manhattan charging space on West 42nd Street.

Gravity adheres to all TLC rules regarding accessibility and medallion issuance. While there are currently no wheelchair-accessible EV models for taxi use on the market, Gravity says it will become an early adopter as the technology develops.

All Gravity taxis are priced at standard NYC yellow taxi rates, predictable pricing with no surge or premium rates.

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