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GM developing increased energy density Ultium battery


General Motors and OneD Battery Sciences execute a joint research development agreement focused on using OneD’s silicon nanotechnology in GM’s Ultium battery cells to drive significant increases in energy density for a longer range and reduced cost. GM Ventures and Volta Energy Technologies also participated in OneD’s Series C funding round, which the company recently closed at $25 million.

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The collaboration focuses on OneD’s Sinanode platform, which adds more silicon to the anode battery cells by fusing silicon nanowires into EV-grade graphite. GM says silicon can store 10 times more energy than graphite. Increasing energy density can open the door to smaller, lighter, more efficient battery packs that could achieve higher driving range at a lower cost.

The company says the collaboration is the first of its kind between two American companies. GM is rapidly scaling its Ultium EV Platform to reach 1 million units of annual EV manufacturing capacity in North America by 2025. Earlier this year, GM’s first Ultium Cells joint venture battery plant began production in Ohio, with two other U.S. plants under construction and a fourth also planned.

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