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GenCell launches off-grid EV power solution


GenCellEnergy, a provider of hydrogen and ammonia to power fuel cell solutions, has launched GenCell EVOX, a new off-grid EV charging solution that leverages alkaline fuel cells, hydrogen and ammonia to power technologies. EVOX provides 100% green energy and can be distributed around the world along highways and virtually anywhere EVs travel where grid connectivity is inadequate.

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The GenCell EVOX solution is currently in deployment to deliver EV charging services to several commercial parking projects in Israel. The company says the solution can service up to 10 75kW DC fast chargers. Leveraging the hydrogen-based fuel cell technology used in the GenCell BOX with up to 920kWh stored as hydrogen, together with a 372-500kWh energy storage device, each GenCell EVOX solution generates an uninterrupted flow of power in any weather condition, the company says.

GenCell’s energy management software monitors and manages the use of different resources at different times to optimize the charging operations. Each charging solution has the power to charge dozens of EVs per day at DC power rates of between 50-150kW, typically enabling each vehicle to reach a charge of 80% energy capacity within 12-30 minutes, the company says.

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