The future of powersport EVs is wide open

The future of powersport EVs is wide open

In the U.S. and beyond, two- and four-wheeled EV recreation is becoming more visible and more accessible.

You’ve heard of Livewire, right? Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycles that launched as its own brand last year? Harley wouldn’t have split Livewire into its own brand if there wasn’t promise for success, and the company believes that Livewire will soon be as synonymous with electric motorcycles as Harley-Davidson is with the gas-guzzling type.

In the U.S. and beyond, two- and four-wheeled EV recreation is becoming more visible and more accessible. I’m not just talking about motorcycles. Bicycle riders are investing in e-bikes. Skateboarders are riding electric skateboards to commute to work or to shred some gnarly halfpipes, bro!

The high-profile names pumping out electric products don’t stop with Harley-Davidson. Those bright orange Spin electric scooters you see in major cities? Those are owned by the same company that built your F-150 pickup, my friend.

These companies have huge dollars invested in building out this space, which has led to major innovations and huge growth. In fact, according to our sister brand Motorcycle & Powersports News in a recent article by contributor Steve Piehl, electric scooters are growing in sales at a rate of over 13% per year and will be a $30 billion-market by 2026. The electric bicycle market is expected to grow 78% by 2026. And, as things stand today, the U.S. represents 30% of the world’s electric skateboard market.

Now, there are plenty of ways for consumers and dealers to join in on the opportunities, here. E-bicycles have opened the door for people who are discovering that steep hills and long distances are no problem with the right e-bike, but these products range from high-end mountain bikes to commuter bikes — and everything in between.

E-scooters today are often packed with fun features, far more than you’ll find on the ones consumers rent on the street corner. Some models feature full suspension, built-in LED lights and a high-performance electric motor.

Then you have electric skateboards, made with everything from carbon-fiber boards for performance on- and off-road, to bamboo boards for responsive handling. These long-board-style units do everything a regular skateboard can, just with power added via the hand-held remote control.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Motorcycles, three-wheelers, UTVs, they’re all out there and being electrified, and each presents their own unique opportunities.

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