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Ford, Google release F-150 Lightning augmented reality app

Users can select their favorite Ford F-150 color and trim package, and then place an augmented-reality truck anywhere in their own environment.


In collaboration with Google, Ford is launching the “F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere” visual experience to help vehicle shoppers understand the benefits of an all-electric Ford pickup truck. F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere is a 3D and augmented reality experience that allows users to view and learn about a virtual F-150 Lightning truck with a smartphone. Thirteen interactive animations inform them about key F-150 Lightning features, functions and services, like the electric vehicle’s mega power frunk, battery range, interior connectivity, smart bed and towing capabilities, convenient charging solutions on the road and at home, and more.

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Once users get acquainted with the F-150 Lightning, they can select their favorite color and trim package, and then place an augmented-reality truck anywhere in their own environment.

F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere is available today on Android and iOS mobile devices in the United States. Customers can also experience it on Ford.com, as well as on social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Reddit. The augmented reality experience is powered by Google Cloud.

A recent survey of F-150 Lightning retail reservation holders indicates nearly 80% have never owned a battery-electric vehicle before, while more than half never owning a Ford. Research from Google and Ipsos shows 58% of U.S. car shoppers considering a new vehicle in the next six months are considering purchasing or leasing a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, and 83% spend up to three months researching before buying, Ford says.

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