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EVgo launches new public fast charging stations at Meijer stores


EVgo Inc. and Meijer, a Midwestern retailer, have opened the first EVgo public fast charging station at Meijer stores. EVgo’s latest stations are capable of 100kW to 350kW fast charging.

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EVgo and Meijer’s first sites are in Michigan and Ohio. The stations will add to the over 800 fast charging locations in EVgo’s network and build on its base of over 310,000 customer accounts.

EVgo says the implementation of the new public fast-charging stations comes on the heels of recent traction around EV adoption in the Midwestern region, as the governors of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin recently established the Regional Electric Vehicle Midwest Coalition — or “REV Midwest” — in an effort to create jobs, lower-carbon emissions and promote greater public health and safety.

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