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Everrati unveils electrified Porsche 911


Everrati Automotive has revealed its electrified Porsche 911 (964) Wide Body Cabriolet model.

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Engineered at Everrati’s global headquarters in Oxfordshire, England, the company says the Wide Body Cabriolet combines a complete restoration with installing the Everrati IP blended with technology from Tier 1 automotive suppliers.

Another key market for the new addition is the U.S., where Everrati has a partnership with Aria Group. This arrangement enables 964 manufacturing on both sides of the Atlantic.

According to Everrati, this model more than doubles the output of the original Porsche 911 (964) Cabriolet on which it is based. The 964 Wide Body Cabriolet is available in 440bhp or 500bhp forms, the latter of the two options being able to accelerate from 0-60 MPH in under four seconds with a total driving range of 200 miles, according to Everrati.


The 964 Wide Body Cabriolet uses a donor chassis and body as the basis for restoration and electrification. Everrati says all modifications are revertable, allowing owners to return the car to its original specification.

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