EV trends: From battery leasing to the death of the hybrid

EV trends: From battery leasing to the death of the hybrid

The EV headlines just don't stop coming, but where are the trends actually leading the automotive industry?

The EV headlines just don’t stop coming, and each one poses more questions than it answers. We are expecting more than 100 new EV models between now and the year 2026. China is allegedly leading the EV arms race, but the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is throwing billions of dollars at revitalizing the U.S. electricity grid, as well as deploying new charging stations all around the country. Not to mention, a shift to EVs means a shift to generally more expensive parts, but less overall maintenance. It’s a lot to consider, especially when it comes to the future of the automotive aftermarket.

Where are these trends leading the automotive industry? What does all this mean for vehicle care? What does it mean for you, specifically? You’ll need to read the electric tea leaves to find out.

The Auto Care Association and MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers have partnered to release a Joint EV Trends and Outlook Forecast: An update on trends driving change in the EV market. The report covers topics such as projected growth for EV sales, the impact of adoption on aftermarket parts sales, data on the impact to the service and repair sector, and more.

It’s an overwhelming amount of information, but thankfully today we have two guests more than capable of unpacking it all: Mike Chung, the director of market intelligence for the Auto Care Association (ACA), and Philip Atkins, the director of strategic research & planning for MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers.

This is an audio-only version of our episode with Mike Chung, the director of market intelligence for the Auto Care Association (ACA), and Philip Atkins, the director of strategic research & planning for MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers. Go ahead, you’re already here – take a listen! But, if you’re looking for moving photos, click here.

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