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EV Mobility and Autonomy partner on EV subscription model


Autonomy has partnered with EV Mobility, LLC to deploy Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys to EV Mobility locations across California, Florida, Washington and other states by the end of the year. The amenity allows guests and residents to reserve and operate vehicles hourly through EV Mobility’s app. The payment covers the traditional costs of ownership, including annual registration, licensing fees, routine maintenance, roadside assistance, as well as standard tire wear and tear, the companies say.

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The companies say each property has dedicated EVs with charging stations available for residents/guests to use. Guests or residents can download the EV Mobility mobile app to sign up and reserve a car with a dedicated code administered by the building. Users can use the EV Mobility app to unlock, start, and operate the vehicle and pay for their hourly usage.

EV Mobility manages and maintains the fleet, including cleaning, vehicle maintenance, and insurance. EV Mobility as the anchor customer pays Autonomy its monthly subscription fee and agrees to maintain the fleet including cleaning, vehicle maintenance and insurance.

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