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EV Connect launches charging network operations center, C-NOC

The insights provided by the C-NOC will help identify, triage and solve charging station performance issues remotely.


EV Connect is launching its new machine learning-powered network operations center, C-NOC. The EV Connect C-NOC is built on the company’s technology stack to provide network operators, charging station manufacturers and other EV ecosystem stakeholders real-time insight into station issues, remediation automation, as well as the power to establish predictive maintenance models using machine learning and artificial intelligence, the company says. The insights provided by the C-NOC will help efficiently identify, triage and solve charging station performance issues remotely.

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The EV Connect C-NOC provides visibility into more than a dozen critical charging station health and performance metrics. With access to station OCPP data streams, data-rich error alerts, automated diagnosis and ticket status via a single dashboard, the company says operators can extract trends and actionable insights, including the ability to export data for use in downstream operations and maintenance systems. For example, support technicians will be able to respond to technical problems through rapid auto-detection, alert notifications and triage on a per-station basis, EV Connect says.

EV Connect’s C-NOC includes real-time alerts on key charging station health metrics at the station, location, organizational, or network levels. With more than 20 hardware manufacturers OCPP certified on the EV Connect platform, site hosts can rely on the C-NOC to support any deployment. In addition, the triage ticketing tool included with the C-NOC allows support stakeholders to promptly recognize problems and create detailed work tickets which include pertinent station-level detail, the company says.

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