Russian EV chargers hacked to say 'Putin is a dickhead'

Russian EV chargers hacked to say ‘Putin is a dickhead’

In the category of “you can’t make this stuff up” comes news from the east, as, according to the fine folks at, Russian EV chargers have been hacked so screens read “Putin is a dickhead.” (I know what you’re thinking – no, I’m not just reporting this story to include the word “dickhead” in a headline. Ha, who would do such a thing?……)

According to a Facebook post by Russian energy company, Rosseti, from Feb. 28, some EV charging stations along Russia’s M11 motorway are not currently in operation because a Ukrainian company that provided parts for the chargers hacked them.

Vice reports the chargers show an error message reading in English “Call service no plugs available” before new screens show additional messages in Russian: “Glory to Ukraine / Glory to the Heroes / Putin is a Dickhead / Death to the enemy.”

Want more charging news with cleaner language? We’ve got that too.

And, if you want to know the latest about charging in the U.S., click below to watch our recent interview with Rich Mohr, global vice president, fleet solutions at ChargePoint.

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