ETCO introduces connectors for EVs

ETCO introduces connectors for EVs

Custom-engineered interconnects for EV battery packs and battery management systems (BMS) that resist high vibration, shock and extreme temperatures are being introduced by ETCO Incorporated.

ETCO connectors for EVs are manufactured to precise OEM specifications with regard to form, function, materials, packaging and production methods, the company says. Designed to resist high vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures, these connectors and terminals for applications between the battery packs and BMS are available in prototype through production quantities.

Produced from brass, tinned brass, nickel-plated steel, copper-plated steel, phosphor-bronze and many other materials including clad and inlaid alloys, ETCO EV connectors’ part sizes can range from 0.004-0.090 in. thick with ±0.0005-in. tolerances, depending upon the material and configuration. The firm currently produces 1800 standard automotive parts that meet IATF 16949:2016, SAE J2031 & 2032, and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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