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The impact of electrification will take center stage at the 2022 L.A. Auto Show


Electric vehicles will stand at the forefront of the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show, where organizers say attendees can see and experience a wide array of new EVs. Taking place from Nov. 18-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the LA Auto Show will host new EV debuts and give show-goers access to an array of electric-vehicle test drives and rides.

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For example, show-goers will be able to see the Czinger 21C hypercar. Built locally in Los Angeles, the 21C boasts 1,250 HP and was developed using artificial intelligence. The 21C utilizes 3D printing for its construction and is made of lightweight carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum. The car has a 0–60 MPH time of 1.9 seconds.

California-based Hyperion will also show the capabilities of hydrogen power for zero-emissions vehicles through its XP-1 hypercar, which features a 0–60 MPH time of 2.2 seconds and a top speed of 221 MPH. The Hyperion XP-1 offers 2,038 HP thanks to its high-performance drive train that is equipped with an axial flux electric motor at each wheel and is estimated to have an impressive 1,000-mile range.


Electrify America is the official charging partner of the event’s Outdoor EV Test Track. Additionally, six indoor test tracks will feature opportunities to participate in vehicle ride-alongs.

The Los Angeles Auto Show isn’t just about new vehicles. The show will have many highlights that showcase the various extensions of EV and emerging technologies including:

  • LA-based, INDI EV will display the INDI One, a four-door, 475-horsepower EV with a 300-mile range and a new interior living space.
  • The ’67 Mustang by Charge Cars reimagines classic American muscle with the modern benefits of electric drivetrain innovations.
  • Show-goers can learn about autonomous driving technology from Motional, who will showcase an all-electric IONIQ 5 robotaxi, a Level 4 autonomous vehicle that can safely operate without a driver.
  • Solar charging conversion company 27North will display a functional conversion for one of its rugged, luxury off-road exploration trucks.

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