EasyGo replacing telephone kiosks with fast EV chargers in Ireland

EasyGo replacing telephone kiosks with Tritium fast EV chargers in Ireland

EasyGo will make a multi-million Euro investment in new fast DC EV chargers in towns and villages around Ireland. This investment is part of a partnership with EIR, an Irish telecommunications company, where the companies will replace telephone kiosks with new electric vehicle chargers from Tritium. EasyGo has committed to deploying 200 fast DC chargers around Ireland under this campaign.

Under the program, workers will remove and replace EIR telephone kiosks with Tritium 50kW modular, fast chargers. EasyGo says it does this at zero cost to local authorities. Having launched this program in Carlow in May of this year, EasyGo has contracts to add Tritium chargers at 70 locations in counties Offaly, Mayo, Cavan, Waterford, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Monaghan in the next phase of this project.

According to the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), about one out of every seven cars sold in Ireland is fully electric. EasyGo believes adding these chargers in easily accessible town center locations will increase the appeal of EVs for drivers as it will reduce range anxiety. The company also says transportation accounts for one-third of Ireland’s energy-related CO2 emissions, so expanding EV adoption is a crucial aspect of Ireland’s Climate Action Plan.

EasyGo says more than 30,000 Irish EV drivers use its network to find, use and pay for charging at more than 2,400 charge points on the EasyGo app.

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