Dupont develops solutions supporting EV battery optimization

Dupont develops solutions supporting EV battery optimization

Dupont's recent EV solutions include a family of electrically-friendly, heat-stabilized resins that can handle contact with aggressive fluids and low- to high-voltage loads in various temperature and humidity conditions.

During the Fakuma trade show for plastics processing, technical experts from DuPont discussed how recently introduced solutions and services from the company support EV battery and thermal management optimization, e-motor and power electronic efficiencies, safety, lightweighting, durability, connectivity and infrastructure.

DuPont says its lineup of advancements and solutions for vehicle electrification includes:

  • A new hybrid bobbin produced from DuPont Zytel HTN that supports thermal management in e-motors;
  • A new plastic/metal hybrid cooling plate where a channel plate made from DuPont Zytel HTN is chemically bonded to aluminum to create a solution that improves durability and thermal management performance of battery cells;
  • DuPont Zytel and DuPont Crastin stable orange materials meet the reliability and performance requirements for high-voltage terminals and connectors, busbars, switches, and relays;
  • DuPont Zytel and Zytel HTN family of electrically friendly, heat-stabilized resins can handle contact with aggressive fluids and low- to high-voltage loads in various temperature and humidity conditions; and
  • DuPont Crastin HR hydrolysis stabilized PBT for sophisticated sensor systems and electronic components like switches, connectors, and electronic control units.

In addition, DuPont recently announced the opening of three “Centers of Excellence” for vehicle electrification. These technology centers, located in Europe and China and supported by other global R&D and technical service centers, will support ongoing developments in three key areas – battery safety, thermal management, and e-powertrain efficiency.

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