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China has 65% of public EV charging stations worldwide


While most of the world is still preparing to build the necessary infrastructure to sustain predicted upcoming EV adoption, China has already taken significant strides. According to new numbers presented by, 65% of global public EV charging stations exist in China.

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According to the latest data on Statista, China has a total of 1.15 million publicly available EV charging stations. Of China’s total figure, 677,000 stations are slow-charging ones, while 470,000 are fast-charging stations. Thus, 41% of stations in China have a fast-charging capability. If these numbers are correct (which, is always hard to say for sure when it comes to China), China has a disproportionately high number of stations compared to the rest of the world and a comparatively high share of fast-charging stations.

The United States finds itself in the second spot worldwide. According to the data, the U.S. has only 113,527 charging stations, of which only 21,752 are of fast-charging capability. Hence, a massive 81% of stations in the U.S. have only slow charging capability.


South Korea closely compares with the U..S, by having 106,701 public charging stations, including 15,067 with fast charging capability.

The Netherlands has the most public charging stations in Europe, according to the data. It is fourth on the list with 85,453 stations. Three more European nations follow the Dutch in France (54,260), Germany (50,972) and the United Kingdom (36,984). 

Norway may have only 19,278 charging stations, but the Scandinavian nation has invested more in fast-charging stations. 35% of public EV charging stations in Norway have a fast-charging capability. 

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