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California, Massachusetts, New York add the most charging stations in May

A new report says that 609 charging stations and 1,736 charging outlets were added in the U.S. in May.


According to a recent report by Zpryme, California, Massachusetts and New York added the most charging stations in May, with 170, 80 and 59, respectively. A total of 609 charging stations and 1,736 charging outlets were added in the U.S. California (13,839), New York (2,685), Florida (2,415), Texas (2,158) and Massachusetts (1,809) were the top five states with EV charging stations.

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Through May 2021, the U.S. had 46,104 EV charging stations and 117,674 charging outlets. Through May, there were a total of 18,1385 DC-fast charging outlets, 96,110 Level 2 outlets, and 3,299 Level 1 outlets available. Chargepoint and Tesla were the top two charging networks with 24,505 and 5,464 stations on their respective networks.

The report states charging stations were most frequently installed at hotels (18.0%), car dealerships (17.2%), office buildings (6.5%) and federal government (5.6%) facilities.

Analysis and data for this report is done by Zpryme using the U.S. Department of Energy and Argonne National Lab (ANL) EV data set and the U.S. Alternative Fuel Data Center electric vehicle charging station data set. Zpryme monthly tracking for U.S. EV sales started in January of 2021 and monthly tracking for EV charging stations started in May of 2021.

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