Why is The Buzz in your inbox?

Why is The Buzz in your inbox?

Just a decade ago, all you needed were your fingers to count the number of electric vehicles you could actually buy. Today, at the exponential pace EV adoption rates are growing, that number is high enough that even borrowing the hands and feet of your closest friends likely won’t do it.

Electrification is affecting every last corner of the vehicle care market, and it’s our job to deliver you the latest electric vehicle news and innovations by reporting on everything going on in the automotive space, the energies that actually power these vehicles, and the deals and partnerships bringing electrification to your door.

As a Babcox Media brand, The Buzz is backed by over 100 years of automotive expertise, and we’re focused on just one thing: EV news. We’re here to spell out where this emerging market is headed and how you can evolve with it, as OEMs and the aftermarket alike address issues like range anxiety, slow charging times and a lack of infrastructure. Through expert advice and market analysis on cars, heavy-duty trucking, charging and everything in between, The Buzz works to keep its audience informed on the latest happenings in the EV market with the latest news, podcasts and videos.

So many EVs, so many automotive questions to work through. We’re thinking about electrification and we know you are too, so we’ve added you to our mailing list of 130,000 to bring you the latest in charging infrastructure, battery development, hydrogen powertrains, new electrified heavy-duty trucks, SUVs, trains, powersports, unicycles… you name it. Look for it in your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.


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Lime, Hight Logistics and Forum Mobility strike deal for zero-emissions EV shipping

Lime anticipates the agreement will shift more than 300 port-to-hub shipments to electric, zero-emission trucks annually.


Lime, Hight Logistics and Forum Mobility revealed a new deal for zero-emissions port-to-hub shipping for all Lime freight arriving in North America through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Forum Mobility is providing electric trucks and charging to Hight Logistics, a family-owned drayage provider in Long Beach, CA. In 2023, nearly 50% of all of Lime's new vehicles and parts globally arrived through Los Angeles ports now covered under the agreement. Lime anticipates the agreement will shift more than 300 port-to-hub shipments to electric, zero-emission trucks annually.

EV tire satisfaction gap widens as wear rates increase, J.D. Power finds

The study shows that EV owners have similar expectations for tire wear as owners of gas-powered vehicles do.

Canoo’s Oklahoma City manufacturing facility approved as a Foreign Trade Zone

The company said the approval will accelerate its made-in-America EV manufacturing strategy, improve unit profitability and enable a faster path to break even.

Unico releases the BAT300 Series, an EV battery testing solution

Unico said the BAT300 Series is based on the Unico IDAC power platform and offers performance, efficiency and versatility at a reduced cost.

Hexagon Agility expands CNG fuel system manufacturing plant

The company says a green future for trucking is close, and what’s coming next could put fears over a lack of CNG power to bed.


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DTNA said the program covers over 75 specific criteria in four key areas including safety, charging infrastructure, dealership infrastructure and training.

Nikola Corporation names new CFO

Thomas Okray joins the company’s executive team as chief financial officer.

InductEV forms strategic partnerships for wireless charging deployment

InductEV said each company will provide mechanical and electrical engineering services to help with the deployment of its wireless charging system.