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Biden’s EV Charging Action Plan to create 500K new chargers

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes $5 billion in funding for states to build a national charging network.


As part of President Biden’s target of 50% EV sale shares in the U.S. by 2030, the Biden-Harris-Administration is releasing an EV Charging Action Plan to outline steps federal agencies are taking to support developing and deploying chargers in America. As a result of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Transportation (DOT) will establish a Joint Office of Energy and Transportation focused on deploying EV infrastructure, working to collect input and guidance from industry leaders, manufacturers, workers and other stakeholders. The initial focus will be building a convenient, reliable public charging network that can build public confidence, with a focus on filling gaps in rural, disadvantaged, and hard-to-reach locations.

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The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes an investment for a network of 500,000 chargers. It also includes $5 billion in formula funding for states with a goal to build a national charging network. Ten percent is set-aside each year for the secretary to provide grants to states to help fill gaps in the network. The Law also provides $2.5 billion for communities and corridors through a competitive grant program that will support innovative approaches and ensure that charger deployment meets Administration priorities such as supporting rural charging, improving local air quality and increasing EV charging access in disadvantaged communities.

The White House says this network will enable:

  • An accelerated adoption of electric vehicles for all private consumers and commercial fleets, including those who cannot reliably charge at their home that can improve our air quality.
  • Targeted equity benefits for disadvantaged communities, reducing mobility and energy burdens while also creating jobs and supporting businesses.
  • Create family-sustaining union jobs that can’t be outsourced.

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