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Autonomy expands EV subscriptions to San Francisco Bay area


Autonomy, an EV subscription company, has expanded its vehicle subscription service to the San Francisco Bay area, with pick-up locations planned in San Jose and San Francisco.

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Autonomy says its subscription includes traditional ownership costs, including annual registration and license fees, routine maintenance, roadside assistance costs, and tire wear and tear, whereas consumers would have to incur all of those costs for a lease or a loan.

Subscribers can reserve the Model 3 via Autonomy’s app or website with a $100 refundable deposit. The new subscription price includes a flat monthly payment of $490 and $4,900 start payment. A refundable $500 security deposit is required at the time of subscription activation.

Autonomy offers consumers the ability to subscribe month-to-month after a three-month hold period. Autonomy recently received $83 million in debt and equity financing in support of the expansion.



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