Atom Power chosen for NYC multi-family EV charging project

Atom Power chosen for NYC multi-family EV charging project

It is expected that increased charging access will aid in dispelling myths about the affordability of electric vehicles.

Atom Power has been selected by ESD Global to provide electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) to the largest single contract electric vehicle charging project for multi-family buildings in NYC. The companies say the project will help New York meet its goal of cutting carbon emissions and phasing out fossil fuel cars and trucks in 2034 by increasing access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

This project, which ESD Global & Atom Power are embarking on together, includes nine multi-family residential buildings situated in the community of Jamaica in Queens, New York City. It is expected that the community will benefit from increased access to charging their vehicles and that increased access will aid in dispelling myths about the affordability of electric vehicles. A Harvard Kennedy School Study found at $200 per kWh, the EV is cheaper to purchase, own and operate than the internal combustion vehicle in every scenario by up to $4,300. ESD Global will also help the Hilltop residents obtain incentives that federal and state governments offer for owning an electric vehicle.

Atom Power commercialized a UL-listed solid-state digital circuit breaker in 2019. Since then, Atom Power says it has leveraged and adapted its technology to charge electric vehicles directly from their digital circuit breakers, enabling digital control with flexible installation solutions, while simultaneously delivering power and capacity optimization to the building owner and the grid.

This solution reduces the risk of damage to EV charging pedestals and wall boxes as the smart technology that charges the vehicle resides inside the building (the electrical panel and digital circuit breaker), the company says. The charging pedestal or wall box does not contain high-tech electronics; they are simply metal tubes and enclosures with charging plugs and cables.

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