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Aqua superPower, Tritium partner to power electric boats

Tritium’s hardware combines with Aqua superPower’s network, accessible to marine users via the Aqua app, RFID card and contactless payment.


Marine fast-charging network operator Aqua superPower (“Aqua”) and Tritium Holdings Pty Ltd (“Tritium”), a developer and manufacturer of direct current (“DC”) fast charging technology for electric vehicles, have announced a strategic partnership to electrify transportation on global waterways. Aqua superpower has been rolling out its network of marine fast chargers, with recent installations along the Cote d’Azur and the Italian Riviera, another in Venice, and an additional 150 chargers planned next year.

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Tritium’s RTM fast charger model was an ideal solution for Aqua with its twin CCS ports and simultaneous charging capability, the companies say, enabling boat owners to spend less time charging. This is of particular advantage to commercial and working boat owners and operators, as the more frequent duty cycles made possible by the chargers make e-boat technology both more efficient and more beneficial for the environments in which it is used.

Tritium’s hardware combines with Aqua superPower’s network and user management technology, accessible to marine users via the Aqua secure app, RFID card and contactless payment, with “Plug and Charge” technology expected to be available in the future, the companies say. The app will enable users to view a map showing charger options and offer navigational aids to guide them to their chosen location.

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