What does electrification mean for the automotive aftermarket?

What does electrification mean for the automotive aftermarket?

In our inaugural episode, we talk about how the latest advancements in EVs are affecting the automotive aftermarket.

Electric vehicles are coming – they’re here already, and adoption rates continue to grow in all areas of the automotive landscape, because over the past several years, there have been huge advancements in powertrain electrification.

So, ready or not, here it comes. And that leaves me with a question: What does the rising popularity of electrification mean for the automotive aftermarket as a whole?

To help me find the answer, I talk with Amy Antenora, editor of aftermarketNews, in the inaugural episode of the Amped EV Podcast. We talk about how the aftermarket as a whole is feeling about electrification; what electrification means for businesses manufacturing components for internal combustion engines; the biggest electrification issue that the aftermarket can help address today; and loads more.

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