AMN Drivetime: APSG's Mike Mohler

AMN Drivetime: APSG’s Mike Mohler

For Mohler, it all began in Monroe, Louisiana, where he worked for his father, Ray.

For Mike Mohler, it all began in Monroe, Louisiana, where he worked for his father, Ray. Throughout high school and college, he honed his skills at the family’s warehouse distribution center, mastering tasks like loading trucks, receiving stock, and managing the will-call counter.

Graduating from high school in 1984 and college in 1989, Mohler gained a thorough understanding of how a warehouse distributor operates. This foundational knowledge set the stage for his future success. After college, a pivotal moment came when he joined Federal-Mogul as a territory sales manager, covering a vast region that included East Texas, Northern Louisiana, Southeastern Oklahoma, and Southwestern Arkansas. This role involved calling on warehouse distributors, engine rebuilders, fleets and service dealers, providing him with a comprehensive view of the industry.

His tenure at Federal-Mogul lasted until 2000, during which he rose through the ranks to become a business development manager. This position required him to identify new business opportunities across various sectors, including small OEM, industrial and heavy-duty markets. This experience broadened his perspective on the automotive aftermarket.

In June 2000, he transitioned to the National Pronto Association, eventually becoming its Vice President and Director of Product Management. His role at Pronto expanded his understanding of the industry from the distributor’s viewpoint, enriching his knowledge and expertise.

By 2015, the automotive aftermarket landscape was evolving. The launch of the Automotive Parts Services Group (APSG), a joint venture between Pronto and Federated Auto Parts, marked a significant milestone. The collaboration focused on combining resources for vendor relations, procurement and data management, setting a new standard for co-opetition in the industry.

In recent years, Mohler’s role has involved managing vendor relations for APSG, working closely with suppliers to maintain relevancy and drive strategy. His unique position, balancing responsibilities between Pronto Network and the Federated-Alliance Joint Venture, underscores the collaborative spirit essential to modern automotive aftermarket success.

Episode overview

  • Beginnings in Monroe, Louisiana (1:53);
  • Time spent at Federal-Mogul (4:27);
  • An overview of what Mohler sees as challenges for distributors (16:10);
  • Discussing Section 301 Tariffs and the future of the aftermarket (20:49);
  • Procurement and procurement strategies (30:27);
  • Mohler’s board and organizational involvement (36:47);
  • Lightning round (40:57).

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