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Alpha Motor Corp. unveils Ace EV Coupe Series


Alpha Motor Corporation has just unveiled the Ace Electric Vehicle Coupe Series: Ace, Ace Performance Edition, and Super Ace. Each model is built on Alpha’s mechanically adjustable vehicle platform. The newly updated Ace vehicle dimensions measure approximately 168 in. in length, 72 in. in width and an overall height of 56 in. Ace was unveiled in a satin metallic finish called ‘Carpe Diem,’ inspired by the engraving found on its origin.

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Alpha Motor Corporation has just unveiled the Ace Electric Vehicle Coupe Series.

Alpha Motor says it has aligned with AMP to deliver an all-encompassing “Energy Ecosystem” comprising of eCloud, battery management system and new charging solutions. The AMP Energy Ecosystem is connected to the cloud enabling AI-driven battery analytics. With the world’s most compact battery management systems, AMP ensures maximum battery utilization with high SOC and SOH accuracy, the company says. Capable of ultrafast charging, AMP’s charging solutions support bi-directionality enabling redirection of energy to the power grid (home, office, and more) from the battery pack of an electric vehicle.

A significant part of the AMP Energy Ecosystem, EMU (Energy Management Unit) has been engineered to drastically reduce the cost of vehicle power electronics and save space by reducing component count. This extremely compact unit reduces the overall weight of the vehicle and hence, improves the range (mileage).


The company says an optimized EMU package features 70% reduction in size compared to the industry average:

  • On-Board Charger (OBC), currently up to 11kW
  • Bi-directional capability; can utilize the OBC as a V2L/V2G
  • DC-DC Converter, currently up to 3kW
  • Supports DC Fast Charge
  • Power Distribution to drive 12V loads

In collaboration with Rotiform, the unveiling of the Super Ace came equipped with 19-in. CBU three-piece forged wheels.

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