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Addmotor debuts EB 2.0 Citypro E-series

The sustained driving range on a single charge for these bikes has been increased to 125 miles.


To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Addmotor is debuting the new EB 2.0 system electric bikes, Citypro E-43/53. This upcoming e-bike has a fresh new frame and the EB 2.0 electronic system. The Citypro e-bike E-43/53 series is designed for riding in the city or for general commuting. To provide Addriders with a better riding experience and increased mileage, the Citypro E-43/53 series battery pack capacity has been increased to 20 AH, with a sustained driving range on a single charge increased to 125 miles.

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The Citypro E-43/53 series will use the new EB 2.0 system. A new button allows Addriders to use a variety of light combinations, such as turning left and right turn signals, braking signals, flashing light, danger lights, and other functions to make riding safer and more convenient.



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